Tuesday, September 29, 2009


we settled our dinner/supper here

the table setting was quite delightful
but the plate doesn't seem properly wiped dry
so it have dust specks

our diners today - edwin, candy and MING

T.B.R. Beef In S.C. (appetisers)
6 dishes were served
complimentary of the bimbimbap we ordered
the lotus is gula melaka is pretty tasty
so is the beansprout, greens and
kimchi, which i felt taste rather authentic
the serving was generous too! =)

Korean Tea
not impressed
perhaps other people may like it
great value since it is refillable
according to the waitress
they made this from fried malt
to me it tasted nothing different
from the residue water from washing rice

Ginseng Tea (cold)
Rather disappointing
It doesn't have a ginseng taste

Hot Noodle Soup
The noodles they used were those
similiar to the vietnamese pho
so it wasn't to my liking
i asked the waitress, pointing to the photo in the menu
and she identified the dish
rather deceiving, i thought it was bee hoon
or yellow noodles
despite that, the dish comes with a generous serving of seafood
and the stock was pretty tasteful

T.B.R. Beef In S.C. (main dish)
yes this dish comes in 2 parts
the main dish arrived shortly
the presentation is beautiful
requested raw beef instead of BBQ-ed
and it tasted heavenly

the waitress offered to stir it
and we gladly obliged
so she began to stir...

.. and stir...

..and stir.. and i began to lose my attention span..

.. and she's still stirring passionately..

... and i think edwin is already praying to Jesus

after 6 minutes, it was finally ready for consumption

Edwin "Thank you, Jesus!"
Jesus "You're welcomed"

after dinner
we were served 4 slices of fresh fruits
watermelon and honeydew

total damage for 2 pax

Food Quality: 8/10
Portion Size: 10/10
Food Presentation: 10/10
Beverage Quality: 5/10
Service: 10/10
Ambience: 9/10
Return Factor: 7/10

Monday, September 28, 2009


here's a video i made for Nuffnang



official release


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vegetarian Restaurant opposite TPJC

lunch today at the vegetarian restaurant near my house
with edwin and tangguo

a very serene spot opposite TPJC

my pick - Olive Fried Rice

edwin's pick - Lemon Chicken Cutlet

tangguo's pick - Hokkien Noodles

will visit again to rate
very soon =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE - millenia walk

finally its dinner time
welcome to OUTBACK

mr. pac-man edwin gan
with his crab pose
but sorry, they dun serve crabs here

spoilt with choice
however the restaurant was extremely understaff
there were only 3 wait staff serving a full-house
so we had time to slowly look through the menu
while watching the wait staff rush here and there
like crazy worker ants

edwin gan made this pic
his FB display pic
he must've really love Outback

cultist apong jon trying to look evil
with his red-black top

actually i've already decided wat i wanted long ago

the wait staff have to bring out the portable side station
whenever a table is served
presentation wise its quite cool
but they sure look very exhausted

finally edwin goh arrived

bread was served
trust me
if you think that cafe cartel's bread rock socks
this is wat u call orgasmic
its fresh home-made bread roll
with home-made butter
nothing beats this
i can eat this all day

shortly, salad was served

Caesar Salad with Fish
this is a must try
portion size is beyond what i expect for an appetiser
the dory is fresh and nicely pan-seared
very properly seasoned as well
the romaine lettuce was very fresh
and most importantly - not moist and dripping wet
as for dressing wise, real anchovies were used (not powdered)
and the acidity was just nice for palette
however there could be a little too much salad dressing
Ratings: 10/10

Outback Sirloin 8oz
i was extremely disappointed with this steak
first, the restaurant ran out of 11oz steak
so i went along with 8oz
i asked for medium rare
but it arrived rare
my frens asked for medium
and they got medium rare
to make things worse
i could not taste the goodness in the juice
i wondered wat went wrong
was it because no one ever order the 8oz
and these were in the freezer for ages?
to finally destroy the entire dish
it does not have grill marks
means, the meat is grilled on a hot plate
utter disappointment
however the portion size was good
and the sides were tasty
Ratings: 0/10
(not kidding, i almost forgot it was beef)

New York Striploin 12oz
fantastic portion size
this beef is good, tasteful and juicy
maybe the chef doesn't like me
i don't know
but i'm upset enough
Ratings: 9/10

other variations of side dishes
jon really enjoyed the onions
i tried and yes they were very well caramalised
the steak gravy was also home-made
love the extra worchestershire sauce in it
but hate the steak

after dinner, edwin goh ordered a

Gold Coast Rita
sorry i'm non-alcoholic
so i can't rate this beverage

General Ratings:
Food Quality: 5/10?
seriously, if there isn't consistency, there's really nothing to talk about
Portion Size: 10/10
Value-for-money: 6/10
Presentation: 9/10
i love the big cutleries
Service: 8/10
tin tin, the captain who served us was welcoming and friendly
Ambience: 10/10
wooden country-styled concept
Return factor: 5/10
seriously i would think twice, unless i'm not eating steak


9 raffles Boulevard
Time2 @ Millenia Walk
Mon-Sun: 11:30am - 10:30pm
Telephone: (65) 68373242

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Beef Rice
Basically rice, beef slice, corn, pepper, spring onions
its those DIY cook-your-own-food concept
something like seoul garden kinda..
taste: 8/10
portion size: 5/10

lunch was at Pepper Lunch (Funan)
for those mountain tortoises
who never eat Pepper Lunch before
they basically serve your meal
in a hot plate, and u toss it around
concept was brought over by the Japanese
cost around $6-15

then we went to ROTI JOHN KING
situated at Bedok Market
or better known as
Relac One Corner Simpang Bedok

actually personally i dun like to eat at Bedok Market
but Sony Sensei got a weird disease call
so i helped him fulfill his last wish

we shared a Roti John King

he's easily the funniest guy in the whole world
we talked about aliens all day

Roti John King
contains small pieces of chicken, mutton, lettuce, tomato
huge quantities of dressing
how fattening?
luckily we are both skinny chaps
Ratings: 7/10