Saturday, October 31, 2009

海记 Tampines Street 43

James left for Taiwan last night
He won't be back till 3 weeks later
So we went to 海记 to eat before his departure
However I have already eaten, so I gave him a treat
at Tampines Street 43

Roast Duck Spaghetti
The roast duck is delicious
but the cream sauce taste like its from
a familiar brand's canned chicken cream soup

They had some feng shui plant
in front of their establishment

We also had 锅贴
which I've forgotten how much it costs.
Good thing is that it is pan fried
instead of deep fried
(which a lot of stores are doing currently)

Friday, October 30, 2009

SEAFOOD HARVEST [Bugis Junction]

here we are at SEAFOOD HARVEST
2nd floor in Bugis Junction
As my friends entered the dining area first
I was quite surprised there was no host
at the entrance.. bizzare
and it was dinner time

me with the "I KILL YOU" pose

Diner(s) Dash today - Edwin and Izandra

Blue Sky Soda
pretty refreshing, well taste like blueberry soda
hmm... comes with a free cherry

Lime Aloe Vera Juice
beware.. sour as hell

Passion Fruit Soda

Garlic bread was served shortly
after we took our orders
The bread felt like it was prepared from the morning

Our happy diners anticipate the meal
so we decided to find out how long it takes for the meal to arrive..

we all have the same watch!

You may choose the bistro area
for a more enjoyable dining experience
however it should be more for couples
so we took the sofa

Man in black,
"My son will grow up to be ASTRO BOY!"

Chowder Pro
The cream is decently tasty
however the top layer has already coagulated
(as seen in picture), it has probably waited at the pass

Seafood Pasta (Tomato)
The pasta is al dente, no complain
however the seafood..
1. calamari - blanched only, not properly cooked with the gravy
2. prawn - fresh
3. mussels - frozen
the tomato base is very basic
lack hints of basil
so it taste like something i'd cook myself when i'm really busy

Seafood Pasta (Cream)
as above
however, its good that we have a choice

A friendly pinoy wait staff
came to offer us some condiments

The ambience is friendly and inviting
however, pretty unusual that it is rather empty
during dinner timings
However, I have read some bad reviews of this place,
so I came to give it some justice.

The service staff are friendly
However, the supervisor/manager seems a bit too relaxed
to be leaning against the pillar
chatting away with his staff.

Nevertheless, he came to check with us
if the food was alright.

By the way, in case I have yet to mention,
SEAFOOD HARVEST belongs to the same group
In comparison of service, I would rate this place
aboe the two above; bearing in mind that these are franchises.

Total Damage for 3 pax: $53.67
Unbelievably cheap!

General Ratings:
Food Qualty: 7/10 (lack consistency)
Food Portion Size: 9/10
Food Variety: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 6/10 (clubbing music is unacceptable in a restaurant)
Return Factor: 6/10 (maybe, maybe..)
Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Post - Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards

Special thanks goes out to Nuffnang
and the kind sponsors Pringles, STB - Uniquely Singapore, Canon
and Carlos Palma for the beautiful photos =)

One Two Three Four..
Uno Dos Tres Cuatro...


Our lovely ladies from
Nuffnang Singapore
I think Boss Ming only employs pretty girls
So will King Ming (me) in future..

Sheryl and Vivian
(local models)

Veron and Fauzi

Your HTB president, Hui Ee
and myself

(In case you are wondering where my blazer and black tie is,
I gave it to a freezing beggar outside Suntec.

Asia Pacific Nuffies

Some of the Pinoy bloggers
I was looking for a picture of Ramon Bautista
but I guess he's pretty shy..

Nevertheless, you can watch one of his commercial here:

No introduction needed..
Our most famous local blogger - Xiaxue
who bagged 3 awards this year
at the Asia Pacific Blog Awards
I think she kinda did us Singaporeans proud =)

And the girl who lives 5 floors directly below me
Joanne Peh
local TCS celebrity

Host of the ceremony,
Allan Wu
Yes, he does look very handsome in person

Another famous face you can recognise is
the sisters in green and purple
Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao

Alike Ramon Bautista, you can also find Alodia on Wiki
How cool is that?

Who is Alodia Gosiengfiao?
She's the one who made a breakthru
bringing the cosplay wave
to the Philippines
She's kinda like a celebrity

Menu of the day

Another famous pinoy blogger
Hannah Villasis

Who is Hannah Villasis?
She's the one who rocked the Pinoy Blogger's World
with this photo..
ok, not this one that I drew for
but this..

We never knew Nikon camera straps
could be this tasty, yes?

1. Marinated Smoke Tuna with Feta, Herb Salad
and Balsamic Olive Oil

2. Light Cream of Asparagus and Green Peas
topped with Chive Mousseline

3. Rosemary Marinated Chicken Breast with Saffron Chessy Mash
Potato and Balsamic Reduction Mediterranean Vegetable
in Mango Corianda Salsa Sauce

4. Praline Halzenut Gateau with Raspberry Jelly

And of course, everyone's favourite STICKY candies
Last seen a month ago at my cousin's wedding
This company actually prints words on the candy for you


1. Best Blog Shop - bonitochico
2. Best Food Blog - ieatishootipost
3. Best Fashion Blog - ladymelbourne
4. Best Parenting Blog - childhood101
5. Best Travel Blog - ironwulf
6. Best Celebrity Blog - joannepeh
7. Best Entertainment Blog -kennysia
8. Best Geek Blog - mrgadget
9. Most Original Blog Design - xiaxue
10. Most Influential Blog - xiaxue
11. Best Hidden Gem - dedoodleblog
12. Region's Best Blog - xiaxue
13. Best Pringles Video - Zombie
13. Region's Most Handsome Blogger - mydemoninyou

Full Post on DAY 1 here:


I was assigned to the Pinoy Blogger group
Our first stop was
Singapore Royal Selangor Pewter Museum

We get to tour the place
and learn the process of making a pewter
Also got to make ourselves a pewter bowl
to bring home as souvenir!
(kinda like a National Education excursion)

Next stop was the Singapore Flyer
Standing at the top of Singapore
looking down on creation!

Here's my man - Carlos Palma
The great guy who brought you those lovely photos above

Look! I found his baby photo.
Probably ate too much Jollibee and Chicken Adobo
hence the size now.
Still cute though~

Pinoy Nuffie, Judd
I think he's
1. Afraid of heights
2. Tired
3. Pregnant

Yes yes.. here's a picture of Ramon Bautista
First row, second from right
The one is black - RAMON BAUTISTA!

Lunch was at Maxwell Food Market
where our foreign friends have a taste of local delights

I think Huiwen (left) is filming MTV
See her hair fly until so happy!

Next stop was
Chinatown Heritage Museum

Where we saw how our Chinese fore-fathers
and their living conditions in squatters many years back.
I love this place! =)

Also there are many antique-like furnitures
where you can do photoshoots.
Which is exactly what we did.

And here's Elaine, fully furbished
by my great photoshop skills.
Ok.. not really, I suck
I can never be Xiaxue! D=
And Elaine is so gonna kill me,
today I learnt she knows my URL

This is the original
The earlier is so much nicer right?
RIGHT? Say yes.. I don't care.

Our final stop is Mint Museum of Toys
where old toys from our grandparents' days
were kept in mint condition
and some costs around USD40,000
Unbelievable! See it for yourself!

Here's one of my favourite character - Tintin
I remember growing up reading Tintin
in my primary school days
where my mum would bring me to
Geylang East library to borrow these
Tintin comics that comes with a funny smell

We were very lucky to be able to
meet the multi-millionaire owner of this museum
I asked him to be my god-father
and he told me "Next life.. maybe!"
(Okaaaay, I made that up.)

Here's Julian
the Irish blogger who lives in Malaysia

After returning to Link Hotel
I had a drink with Julian
and waited for a lovely sunset with
Jehz, Maki and Ada

After that, I brought them to buy
some camera accessories
and admire our beautiful night scene

Maki, at the Merlion Park

Full Post on DAY 2 here:


Went to Orchard Road with
Hannah, Maki and Jehz

Grabeh! I was damn stupid!
I brought them to buy figurines at Heerens
cos I remembered having an ACTION CITY outlet there
and now I recalled it moved to Cineleisure

And finally it was time for them to go home

This is a really cute photo
of Alodia dropping the luggage on Ashley's foot
I gotta post this again
Oh my God! Almighty!

We had McDonalds' for the last time
and bidded farewell..

Thanks for coming! =D


made a visit to Nuffnang Singapore office
to collect my Julie & Julia tickets

I swear I could hear them chattering
all the way from Mustafa Center
No.. make it City Square Mall.
They're really a fun bunch.

And look! I found my handsome photo in their office.
I think they secretly admires me.
Ahem! Lets keep it a secret.


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