Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gallery Cafe @ Marina Barrage

First stop was Gallery Cafe
on 2nd floor of Marina Barrage

I was quite surprised that
it was staffed with an all-Malay crew
The wait staff were not-bad looking, presentable and neat.
However still, as a tourist attraction
who would attend to the Chinese Nationals?
They are also very lacking of smiles.
I'm a bit worried because tourists visit this place.

Cake Set
Comes with a coffee
This Chocolate Cake is pretty tasty
However the choice was limited to
Carrot cake and Chocolate cake
Jeez.. Where's the variety?

Chicken Hot Dog
Val complained that everything was
too tough for the teeth
The lettuce was not fresh, so was the bread
However, I find the presentation acceptable

(Cake Set)
I got this replaced
The first cup came with a lipstick mark
which I find rather disturbing
What if the owner was not Jessica Alba
but some fat momma?
There was no apologies or service recovery.
Also, it was not served with milk
I had to request for it from the bar.
In addition, this is not brewed coffee
its drawn from an espresso machine
whch probably was not serviced and cleaned
for a decently long time
1. The shot is burnt
2. The grope head is not clean
If you do not train your staff to use
an espresso machine,
it would be advisable to use an automated one.
Thumbs down!

Hong Kong Noodle Soup
Edwin complained that the noodles were
horribly cooked, especially the egg.
I didn't try it, but my opinion is
instant noodles cannot go wrong.

Ice Lemon Tea
This is the very first time
I see Edwin only ordering one drink
in any food establishment
Perhaps its not up to standard also.
He commented that it was tasteless.

Iced Cafe Mocha
Val complained that this is probably
the worst Mocha she's ever tasted.
Can't blame her, she works in Starbucks.
So did I.

No complaints for the cake, really!
It was good.

Total Damage for 3 pax: $22.80

[General Ratings]
Food Quality: 5/10 (edible)
Food Portion: 6/10
Food Presentation: 2/10
Beverage Quality: 3/10
Ambience: 10/10
Service: 3/10
Return Factor: 0/10 (could be one of the place to avoid)

If you know the management of this establishment,
Do inform them that their cafe is in danger!
Service Recovery will be nice
Contact me at -
Give me a chance to write a proper review!
Or try to poison me to shut me up forever, HAHHA!

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