Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Starbucks Cheer Party - East Point

Starbucks Cheer Party
started at 7pm, East Point
We were delighted to see them wearing their red aprons.
There was a hint that Christmas is coming! =)

The Coffee Master taught us
the five ways to taste a coffee

So each of us received a cup of
Christmas Blend Brewed Coffee

Kopi-soh with Angel Wings
served the coffee for everyone to taste

The response was quite good
So registration went on throughout the event.
As you can see I'm at the first row - Best View!

Colourful Learning Aids
designed by the creative staff

We got our FREE christmas beverage on the house
I chose Toffee Nut Frapp
Its tasty, buttery yet refreshing!
Only comes once a year~

"First, we cup the coffee with our hand
and smell it to detect the aroma.."

Food Pairing with Ginger Bread Boy

Special thanks to Starbucks East Point
for the generousity and Christmas spirit
everything was free flow to the fill

The highlight of the Party
were games to follow up..

As you can see we have quite a good mix of races
Chinese, Malays, Indians, Caucasians, Pinoys etc
of all ages, coming from all walks of life..

Each of us were given a different coffee sticker
and we have to group ourselves with those having the same one
I got Christmas Blend
and Jonapong got Anniversary Blend
so we were separated.

This game's objective is to form words
with the alphabets provided in the envelope
such as:
Arabian Mocha Sanani
Italian Roast
Christmas Blend
Yukon etc etc

Checking the results..

The winner was Jonapong's group

Next we played Passing Parcel
the angel told us it was "Passing Puzzle" - dumb ass!

This dude was the winner
I think he won a 32oz French Press
Not wrong, it cost around $20/-?

The happy baby won the Empty Box
and a Starbucks Straw

The next game was to share the best experience in Starbucks

The Pinoy guy won for himself a French Press too.

The program soon came to an end..

Goodie Bags give-away!

It was really generous of them
1. Peppermint Chocolates
2. Gingerbread Boy
3. Icing Sugar Peanut Cookies
4. Coffee Voucher
5. Merchandise Vouchers
I roughly calculated the price of each goodie bag cost around $25
Starbucks Coffee Company does give back to the community!

Thank you, Starbucks! =)
The team is from - SB Kallang, Tampines, East Point, JJ (Siglap) and Airport
(I'm not sure if i remember this correctly)

Jonapong goes Sllluuurrrpppppp..


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