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The ramen bar is easy to spot
It has a contemporary signage that reads - 由O
Edwin commented that this could be an affiliated company
to local seafood chain - JUMBO SEAFOOD RESTAURANT
as he spotted one of the supervisor/manager wearing the Jumbo uniform

The menu is simple, attractive and straight-forward
Very easy to understand with attractive photos
Green Tea is free flow.
Hot - $2
Cold - $3

We arrived close to their closing hours
So today we shall observe if they will rush our orders.
The wait staff said something weird
"Do you have Si Ti Bankai?"
All of us showed a terrified face, "卍解?"
before realising she meant Citybank Card.
Jonapong did not want to use his card discount, so we declined
and the wait staff laughed with us.
I've always admired Pinoy's service standards.
They are natural and sincere.

Note: They serve their cold drinks in frosted glasses
I love it!
The wait staff even opened the can and poured the drink.

The ambience of the restaurant is warm and welcoming
with a very reasonable number of service staff
walking around the dining area
(This usually cause an eyesore, but I'm glad it did not happen here)
They play Chage and Aska concert videos on their television sets
Probably only people of my age (Ahem! 18years old, yes!) knows them.

We were served Sesame to grind
for our Ramen toppings to give the extra fragrance.
Very traditional, very engaging, very satisfying.
So far so good! =)

Char Siew Rice Bowl
The Char Siew is fragrant
and complimented by the onions and spring onions.
Rice is properly cooked.
Simple dish, very good value for the money.

D.I.Y. Hakata Ramen
Additional Char Siew (4 pc)
I'll explain this dish later in this post.

Traditional Hakata Ramen
I would say this is the specialty of this shop.
The ramen is pretty well-cooked, too the teeth
Spring onions are fresh and crisp, doesn't taste like it was prepared since morning.
Cloud Ear Mushrooms gives the dish an extra crunch.
Good quality eggs were used for Soft-boiled Eggs (the picture is self-explainatory).
Soup base - this is the KEY ingredient. I'm not disappointed, but I've tasted better; Lets just say the soup stock was not simmered overnight before clarification, you know? Prepared like a nice consommé?
To keep things short and simple, the soup did not win me over; its rich but not dynamic.
No signs of MSG spamming too.
Portion size did pulled me back - definitely value for money.

Meanwhile, Jonapong was still in his destructive frenzy

I'm not the culprit for these two under-exposed photographs!

So whats the difference between the DIY and the Traditional Hakata Ramen?
For DIY, you pay the $9
and additional charges for each ingredient you choose.
Cloud Ear Mushroom - $1
Soft Boiled Egg - $1
Leek - $1.50
Takana - $2
Mentaiko - $2.50
Nori - $1
Toasted Nori -$2
Char Siew - 3
Dou Miao - $1.50
It kinda adds the "fun" factor into eating your Ramen.

"I'll have $30 additional Char Siew!"
says Naruto-kun

Edwin finished his rice bowl
and decides to order more food..

When I'm only half-done with my Hakata Ramen.
So you must be wondering
How big is the Rice Bowl?
The answer is.. C-Cup!
If you have no idea how much that is, ask a girl.

圆圆脸 is on diet today
so lets just leave her alone for now..

Meanwhile, we all decided to do the :p msn emoticon.
Ya know, the smiley that has its tongue sticking out?

Too gay...
Ok.. Lets go back to the food review.

Very soon, the wait staff starts mopping the floor
but she kept a distance from our tables.
I find that pretty thoughtful..
Seriously, 10 points for service.
No doubt about it!

You're on diet!

Jonapong is falling asleep
after eating his ramen..
What a pig!

M. Spicy Pork Burger
This is a B-cup sized burger, served Mos-burger style.
Clean and uncompressed buns with fresh lettuce
and generous gravy.

Green Tea Ice-cream
This one is very tasty..
but still far from the one from Fuurin Japanese Restaurant.

Total Damage for 3 pax: $43.90

Food Quality - 8/10
Food Portion - 9/10
Food Presentation - 10/10
Beverage Quality - 9/10
Fun Factor - 8/10
Ambience - 10/10
Service - 11/10
Return Factor - 10/10
Other Comments -
Not only did they not rushed out our orders, when I asked for refill for my cold green tea, the wait staff actually brewed a fresh batch for me despite having disposed off the dispenser. Kudos! Good service, great training! Thats what keeps the ball rolling.

The dinner soon came to an end..
No one came to rush us to fuck-off.

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