Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Okay, so we went back to Ajisen Ramen
at Tampines Mall.
Yes if you remember my previous visit,
I had the most interesting conversation with the Malaysian wait staff
"Excuse me, I think no photography here!"
"You think? I'm not too sure either."
And she escaped while I continue snapping away..
We came back after their renovation.

The newly renovated place looks awesome
very welcoming
and we saw some new dishes on the menu

Dorayaki Macha

Dorayaki Red Bean
These two desserts are more or less the same
I must say - the pastry is packeted 100%
no doubt about it
cos it doesn't taste like fresh pastry
lacks moisture and has hints of preservatives
Ice cream is at minimal

Tofu (Set)

Pork + Mabo Set
Edwin says "fail"
So I think there's no need for elaboration.

This can't go wrong
Not freshly made pudding too
But delightful after-meal dessert
Taste identical to 2-for-$1.99 Marigold Pudding

However, I must state that
the service has improved after renovation.
Probably employed staff with better work attitude
for the school holidays.

This review can be found at:
1. http://leongmingen.blogspot.com/ (more tasty reads here!)
2. http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/ajisen_tampines_mall/

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