Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ashala Bar Cafe and Restaurant [Brisbane City]

The movie ended and we found ourselves starving
so we headed to Ashala Bar Cafe and Restaurant

The menu was split into Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
with Beverages behind

We got some comfy seats
cos the restaurant was pretty vacant..


Beef Curry with Basmati Rice
AUD 16.90
The beef curry was pretty tasty with tomatoes
Its tangy and fragrant with tasty chunks of tender beef
However the rice killed it all, it was over-cooked awfully

Kids' Fish & Chips
AUD 9.90
The fish tasted fresh, and battered to serve
Pretty awesome
and they have Arugula in their greens! =D

Free Vegies for KING MING
I bet she suffers from constipation!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some Brisbane City Food

Hello readers,
I'm here at Brisbane City.
So you may wanna take a look at what kinda stuff I'm eating here! =D

We had our dinner here at

Its chinese/vietnamese food

We decided to eat Chup Chai Peng

Total Damage: AUD5.80 per pax

Jiajin insisted that he wants Bubble Tea

Menu is pretty much similiar to what we have in Singapore
Plus they have some not so generic flavors
like pudding and yam

Pearl Milk Tea
AUD 3.50
Tasted awful! FAIL!

Next we went to have
HANAICHI Japanese Food

Katsu Curry
AUD 6.50
Friggin awesome!
1. Cutlets are crispy
2. Authentic Japanese Pearl Rice
3. Tasty curry

We went to 金垒
Its like a restaurant + billiard + arcade + KTV
Kinda rojak

Lunch Special

Anyways yes we're here to Lou Hei again
for Chinese New Year

Who are the THEY?
They are from SSA (Singapore Student Association) in QUT
But I'm not even from QUT
Yes, I know.. Hur hur.. I'm a traitor

Lou ar!~~~~
Trust me, its aussie styled
The raw salmons are fuckin' huge pieces
Not very fresh, its prolly sliced from supermarket cuts
Missing crackers.. Oil.. etc

Then we had a very scumptous meal
They made me sign up for membership - AUD 8
Anywyas the dishes are pretty good

They're kinda like what you can get from our 煮炒 (Stir-fried) Stalls
Pretty good~~
Total Damage: AUD 10.50 per pax
after subsidy from SSA(QUT)

Initial D

Went out for a smoke
By the way, Casket here is some lottery ticket thingy

Finally I see a lot of Singaporeans
yay.. we can all speak in Singlish

Next we went to FreeStyle Tout
According to them, its the finest place to dine in Brisbane

So cool right, the water container!

A Bit of Queensland
AUD 14.90
This is fuckin' orgasmic, I swear
So good I dunno wat to say about it
but its too damn filling
i almost exploded eating it

Lime Cheesecake
AUD 14.90

AUD 14.90

Berry Deluxe
AUD 13.90

Total Damage: AUD 73.50 for 5 pax

Friggin Sweet Place! =)

Woke up to have steak
Its SUPER SUNDAY, so its AUD 5 per steak

But they wanted to see my passport
cos minors are not allowed in
So I walked back to retrieve it
Looks familiar eh?

Steak taste pretty good
Mushroom sauce and smokey flavor
Tasty fries and salad with balsamic vinegar
Best part - AUD 5

Yep.. We're here with SSA again

Jay ordered Medium for me
I would always eat a Medium Rare

The place was pretty crowded
Like hell break loose
and ya know, drunk Aussies are horrible

There's a bar there
where we got our lemonade

Later they wanted desserts
so we went to Lifestyle Tout again

Mocha Frapp

Strawberry Milkshake
I had this it was pretty good
but not cold enough
still can't beat the one at KL Olio Dome

So here we are at Kevin Grove
Carraway Pier

Kid's Fish and Chips Meal
Anyway the ketchup is AUD 1.00

Video games ruined my life
Good thing I have two extra lives

I had Crumbled dunno-what fish and chips
plus a drink, costs me AUD 15
Mother hell, it was tasty!
The caesar salad is fantastic, fish is fresh and tasty, fries are excellent!
Non-frozen for sure
I asked the staff to recommend, anyway it was 2 different fish
you get to choose them
I can only tell that one is Dory
the other one I din ask

See from the menu
Different fish are priced differently
You can choose your fish to be crumbled, battered or grilled

Sushi is the "in" thing here now
so its easily available in Brisbane City
I decided to try another outlet today
Yea.. Taste pretty good too!
And its just beside my 199 bus stop.

Today I'm bringing you to

The establishment sits itself comfortably
in the corner bend of Boundary Street

The theme is sorta African Tribal
With beautiful designs and display ornaments

Some Asian stuff lying here and there
Yes.. The Buddha
and some Middle Eastern carpets
Its kinda like a fusion between Kenya and Arab

Apple Pie
AUD 7.30
Portion size is scary.
Do share it with a friend. I can barely finish it.
Its really tasty and fresh.
Comes warm with honey drizzle and whipped cream

Flat White
AUD 3.20
Small cuppa rich aromatic espresso coffee
I know most of my readers belongs to the "Frapp Generation"
So I dun think I wanna give tasting tips here.
In short, yea great coffee!