Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ashala Bar Cafe and Restaurant [Brisbane City]

The movie ended and we found ourselves starving
so we headed to Ashala Bar Cafe and Restaurant

The menu was split into Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
with Beverages behind

We got some comfy seats
cos the restaurant was pretty vacant..


Beef Curry with Basmati Rice
AUD 16.90
The beef curry was pretty tasty with tomatoes
Its tangy and fragrant with tasty chunks of tender beef
However the rice killed it all, it was over-cooked awfully

Kids' Fish & Chips
AUD 9.90
The fish tasted fresh, and battered to serve
Pretty awesome
and they have Arugula in their greens! =D

Free Vegies for KING MING
I bet she suffers from constipation!


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