Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ippudo Singapore (Mandarin Gallery)

Anyways I'm here at Somerset
We'll be having one of my 6,000 farewell dinners
Make a guess what I'll be having today
Hint: Its Japanese cuisine
A. Teppanyaki
B. Ramen
C. Kaiseki Ryouri
D. Bukkake

So what is your answer?

If your answer is B, you're right
We're here at Ippudo Singapore for some Ramen

The menu comes in 2 languages
Japanese and English
with a simple description of the dishes below the item name

The service is prompt and warm
Staff were very attentive and responsive
Offered descriptions about the dishes
and are always wearing a smile
Its amazing

Orange juice
If I'm not wrong, its Sunkiss bottled fresh

Ippudo is a rather famous ramen chain in Tokyo, Japan
They finally opened a chain here in Singapore
The design of the ramen restaurant is pretty unusual for a ramen ten
which is usually small and cozy with bright lightings
Here we can find contemporary furnitures and designs
Its pretty spacious too
I swear its the first time I'm eating ramen in a place like this

On the walls, we have manga of the restaurant
educating customers on the extra services they provide
1. You can choose how chewy you want your ramen to be
2. You can order an additional ball of noodles to add into your soup

Our diners today - Shermaine

Edwin Goh


Agedashi Tofu
Soft and tasty

These dumplings are really mini-sized
for a pig like myself
I personally find the fillings too little
but its pretty tasty, yes

Shiromaru Ramen
First, I find that the soup is not thick enough
Ok, there's no second
I've no issues with it other than the soup
If I'm paying $15, I'm expecting super thick soup
The portion size is pretty alright
Ramen taste pretty good

Thin ramen noodles
But the additional egg is horrible
1. The yolk is fully cooked when it should be creamy, soft and semi-watery
2. The yolk is yellow and not orange, why?

Shoyu Ramen

Akamaru Ramen
I kinda prefer this to my shiromaru
cos the taste is more robust in comparison
and it costs the same T_T

I added another portion of ramen noodles
and something felt missing
I realise I din want to eat an additional portion of noodles
but want to enjoy the action of having the chef/cook
scoop and toss the noodles into my bowl
You know? Like Naruto in Ichiraku Ramen Bar
But it came in a bowl, oh well!

Total Damage: $90.60 for 3 pax

General Ratings
Food Quality: 8/10
Food Portion Size: 8/10
Value for Money: 7/10
Beverage Quality: 8/10
Service: 10/10
Ambience: 10/10
Return Factor: 6/10
Other Remarks: I wouldn't call it contemporary Ramen Ten, it just lost many of the essence you would wish to experience in a conventional one.

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