Monday, March 15, 2010

Beach House Bar & Grill (CBD, Brisbane)

Dinner was with the Singaporeans
at BEACH HOUSE bar & grill
Meyer Center

Its a self-service restaurant
On Mondays, they have a
Rump Steak Special
at AUD 8.90
with purchase of a drink

So we got ourself a
Carlton Draught Super Jug

AUD 11
4 glasses in a Super Jug
so its like a mini-barrel

We were given a buzzer
when our food is ready for collection
the buzzer beeps and vibrates like a pager

Monday nights were pretty busy
but we see mostly Asians around
Cool Asians, not the uncool smelly ones

We ordered Medium Rare but it came slightly Rare
Kai ordered Medium Well and it came Burnt
Guess they were too busy
So I would really recommend coming on other days of the week

But yeah.. We had a great time!

Check out their Facebook page


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