Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brisbane - Day 13

Poor Asian boy eats sushi for lunch
Raw Salmon, Smoked Salmon and Soft Shell Crab
AUD 2.20 - AUD 2.50 each
From Top Sushi

Carraway Pier
Remember when I last ate Fish n' Chips here?

Everything's bigger sized here
Just look at the Coca Cola.. FAT

Waiting for our dinners
The weather is o' so fine~~
Please don't rain tomorrow too!

Super-sized Marlboro too
30 sticks (right)

The "Dim Sim" caught my eye
So I went to ask the Asian wait staff what it is
Apparently, he pronounced it as "dim sim"
So I decided to order one and try for myself
thinking it could be "Dim SUM"
Maybe har gao, siew mai or char siew bao?

Student Meal
1 Cod, Fries and Coke
AUD 8.90

The Regular Cod Fish n' Chips meal
The caesar salad is really good! =d
Nice fries too

S thought I was praying..
But I was actually mumbling "いただきます"

Small Dim Sim
AUD 1.40
Okaaay... So this is a dim sim! Got conned!
Just some dumpling skin wrapped in
pork, celery etc meatball kinda filling

Last stop was at The Three Monkeys

It was so crowded we almost couldn't find a seat

Lots of fresh cakes to choose from too

They serve really nice coffee here
And you know I don't add sugar in my coffee

New York Cheesecake

All night we talked about aliens, NS.. etc
Weird stuff..
Really nice place to just sit around and chill all night long..

Just talking crap or enjoying the ambience..


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