Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SEOUL BBQ Korean Restaurant (Gold Coast)

Dinner was at
SEOUL BBQ Korean Restaurant

I'm not a huge fan of Korean food
So I won't be giving much of a proper review..

The restaurant feels very authentic
The style is very similiar to my experience in Seoul, Korea

You may push this knob for attendance
It makes a "Ding Dong" sound and
a Korean staff will respond with a "Yayyyy"
before running towards your table..

Da Jang Geum came to take order from us
She was so polite and pleasant
despite her disability to communicate fluently in English
She's also quite pretty, you'll have to forgive her!

Conventional Korean BBQ Stove
Couldn't understand a word written on it

Some salt paste..

Salad Greens with Horse-radish dressing

Some kinda jelly

Some kinda pickles with black sesame

Bean Sprouts

Some kinda potato rostii


Charcoal was placed inside the stove

Jang Geum helped us place the pork belly
and onions onto the grill..

With her experienced quick hands,
she began to display her skillful showmanship

We also ordered Chicken

Kai was actually also very skilled with the BBQ thing
One hand on the scissors, another on the food thongs
(By the way "Thongs" aka Panties actually meant Slippers/
Flip Flops here in Australia. They probably din't get the SISQO song..)

Some kinda soup
which tasted like Nong Shim Korean Instant Noodles
Has oysters, cucumber, egg etc inside
Comes with a bowl of rice

The Pork Belly is super steam!

The only Korean dish that I actually know by the name

Sausage and Vegetables

Pretty tasty! =D
It was a fun and engaging dinner..
Total Damage: Around AUD 75 for 3 pax

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