Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tân Thành (Inala Civic Centre)

We're here today at
Inala Civic Centre (Vietnamese Village)
Brisbane, Australia

Lunch is at Tân Thành (Tan Thanh)
I suppose it is a traditional Vietnamese restaurant
To me, Vietnamese food is always about Pho (Glass noodles), Beef Noodles or Rice Wraps
Lets see if there're more authentic dishes...

The restaurant was pretty packed during lunch hour
However we were very fortunate to find a seat for 5 of us

It looks pretty interesting to me
As there are "DIY" dishes
Does it mean its made by the chef or I have to wrap the paper roll myself?

Can someone enlighten me on what BROKEN RICE is?

Looking at item 79 Che Ba Mau
3 coloured drink - jelly, red & green bean & coconut
Sure sounds like Chendol to me! =)

I had some glass noodles soup
Oh boy.. There were so many ingredients inside
Prawn, Fish Cake, Squid, Chicken, BBQ Pork, Quail Egg, Pork Lard,
Bean Sprout etc etc etc
Its like a treasure chest!

And the glass noodles were delicious!
Unlike in Singapore.. Hur hur..

Diners today - Granny Indonesia, J.Tan

Matt, Ian and KING MING

Young Coconut Drink and the 3-Coloured Drink

Pretty awesome! =)

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