Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fish Heads - Byron Bay (NSW)

Lunch was at Fish Heads

Pretty cheap food compared to Brisbane

With me today are - JT, Ian, Matt and Rachel

Without a doubt, service is better at NSW
People are friendly unlike arrogant, racist Brisbane

Waiting for our number to be called
It was a popular takeaway shop

Always Coca Cola.. Internationally!

Rachel got her picture taken with this beefcake
who was also waiting for his Fish & Chips

Seagulls pretty much eat anything and everything
Over here, french fries could be their main diet

We found a nice spot for lunch..

Family Pack AUD45
4 Fish (Grilled/Crumbed), 4 Scallop Potato,
4 Scallop, 4 Calamari,
4 Shrimps, Chips, 4 Tartar Sauce

Buttery tasty
Very unhealthy.. but totally value for money!


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