Friday, April 23, 2010


Lunch was at SONO Japanese Restaurant
Its at Level 1, Tattersalls Building
Corner of Queen Street Mall and Edward Street

If you're a fan of Maid's Cafe
This is the next best alternative you can get in Brisbane
(I emphasise in the word "real" cos they're not china/taiwanese girls in disguise)

BBQ Table with leg slots on convension tatami platform seats

Table was squeeky clean with consistent table settings

Lets take a look at the menu
an average meal here costs around AUD25

Nigiri is around AUD8.50 for 2 pieces

Ambience was awesome
Little cubicals for business lunch meetings
if you opt out of the sushi bar seats
Nice instrumental music for the mood

Green tea (free refill)
Its not diluted like what you get in Hanaichi and Hanabishi

Condiment tray
Chilli flakes, Toothpicks, Soy Sauce

Salmon Nigiri Sushi
Came in a nice fan-shaped china plate
With a kneaded ball of homemade wasabi and ginger
There is a need to emphasise it cos in Brisbane, they usually give you
small packets of factory mass-produced distasteful wasabe
Salmon came in an odd rectangular shape
Knife was either blunt or chef lacks skill
Taste mediocre
Rice was good, but its Jasmine rice

Tempura Udon
Tasty! I have to give praise to the shrimp tempura.
It is not only ran under cold water for the chewy QQ-bite
The chef scaled it for the extra texture - Impressive!
Also found some yasai tempura inside which includes
Eggplant, 2pc Sweet Potato, Capsicum
Soup was tasty!

Zin ordered a Yasai Tempura Set Meal AUD20
Comes with a plate of Tempura, Jasmine Rice (why?), Chawanmushi (or Salad), Miso Soup
Amanuma ordered Tempura Don AUD 25
Jasmine rice as well - WHY?
There were some things Amanuma and myself finds unorthodox...
Tempura Brocolli and Cauliflower!
Take it either way - contemporary or out-of-track

Cute Japanese waitresses in Kimono
serving the dishes, clearing plates and refilling green tea
Awesome! The experience is just great!

Guess what?
John Travolta was here in November 2005!

Food Quality: 9/10
Food Presentation: 9/10
Portion Size: 9/10
Value for Money: 7/10
Ambience: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Recommended for: Business Meetings and Couples
Return Factor: 10/10
Other Remarks: Why Jasmine Rice?

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