Saturday, May 22, 2010


1PM - KING AHIRAM (West End)
Original Lebanese Food according to the shop
88, Vulture Street

They have a lovely menu board
You can get your Shesh Kebabs etc here!
Service isn't exactly fantastic
Staff doesn't look you in the eye
(Exact replicate of Hungry Jack staff at Queen Street)

You can also savor on Omelette
This omelette is the Asian version
The original one comes with meat inside

Shish Kebab
Lamb is minimal and swept to one side of the kebab
However comes with tasty fresh vegetables
and bean sprouts!

Bridal Fingers
Pistachio delight
Taste like almond cookie
but better!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SUMO SALAD - Myer Centre


Deliciously seasoned
Comes in a cute lil box
it was tasty and i felt very healthy

However I find this piece of black thingamagik very disturbing
Its like a MARS BAR wrapper
What the hell is it doing in my salad?

Friday, May 14, 2010

AJISEN RAMEN (George Street)

Lunch after uni was at
Ajisen Ramen (George Street)

Diners today - Amanuma, Zin and KING MING

The Ramen Menu is pretty much as in Singapore
but the side dishes are very different and enticing.

Today I'm going to try the Lunch Special
Its only AUD9.90, comes with Spring Rolls too!

POKKA No-Sugar Japanese Green Tea
This is my first time trying their No-Sugar Ocha
Has nice green tea aroma, but taste pretty unorthodox.
I would opt for a chilled sweet green tea, or hot non-sweet green tea
This feels kinda weird..
Cos I can't really differentiate this from Oolong Tea.

The complimentary Lunch Special Spring Rolls
Possibly a frozen snack
but still - its FREE!
Taste pretty alright too~~

I enjoy watching the Arowana opens its huge 5cm-mouth
No arowana-sashimi for us, thanks!

Zin ordered the Ladies Set
It comes with a Ramen..

.. a Mini-Beef Rice Bowl, Spring Rolls and a canned-drink!
Costs you around AUD12

Amanuma ordered the All-in-One Ramen
It has all the ingredients the restaurant has
Lets see.. Cha Shu, Karaage Chicken, Pork Ribs etc
Quite a feast, I would say!
Costs around AUD15-17

For me, Karaage Ramen
Chunks of deep-fried chicken
Love it!

Amanuma ordered a side - Mini Paiku Don
Thats Pork Ribs with Corn over Rice

Probably one of the better Ramen places in Brisbane City
Awesome service by Senna (Japanese) and Alice (Korean)
Good value for money, High return factor!
Clean toilets, friendly staff, fast service, good ambience - what else can you ask for?
To put a score, I would say 9.5/10

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Dinner was at AJISEN RAMEN

Jay was there too!

They are now having a promotion on Lunch Offers
Only AUD9.90 for selected Ramens and side dishes

Served by very cute waitress, Alice

Senna is very cute too
I'll have both, takeaway please

Today I had Miso Ramen
Soup was tasty =)

Remarks: I feel that comparing Ramen in Brisbane,
This place still makes the best ramen..
Of cos when I'm back in Singapore, I NEVER wanna eat Ajisen
cos the food sucks, the service sucks, the ambience sucks.
And there're many better options like IPPUDO and MARUTAMA


Cuppa at Krispy Kreme Queens Street

The best coffee comes from none other than