Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Sweetopia - Fantastic Cupcakes, Lousy Service

Next stop is My Sweetopia
just across the road from South Bank Cineplex

Good array of cupcakes for us to choose from
Coincidentally, the guys all chose Black Forest
while Peggy chose something-Butterfly

What disturbs me the most is when
I wanted to split my AUD50 note into 5 AUD10 notes
the China lady at the counter told me
she doesn't have enough change in the cash register
A normal cash float at 2pm doesn't have five 10 dollar notes to spare?
Come on, its not like we're not customers!

Note to management:
If you are reading this..
I will not walk into your shop whenever I see the China staff on duty
I will take my money elsewhere
till you contact me via email.
I will not tolerate poor service
and I believe 11,000 readers monthly agree with me.
If the China lady is the management - shame!

Flat White
The coffee is awesome!

Black Forest
AUD 3.50
Cupcake is orgasmic
Could be the best cupcake you can buy (not make)
in Brisbane so far.. Seriously!
If not for the poor service, I would highly recommend this shop.

Yes.. I am an EXTREMELY difficult customer.
My record was SGD400 service recovery from Hard Rock Cafe, read my older posts.
But after that, I gave them more than SGD400 worth of my returned business.
I don't like to be nasty - I don't!
I can accept shitty food, but not shitty service.
I'm so pissed I think I'm gonna rant on national radio this Sunday.

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