Sunday, June 20, 2010

AJISEN RAMEN (George Street)

Lunch was at AJISEN RAMEN
2/414 George Street

A lil about Ramen
It orginated from China 4,000 years ago as "捞面"
The Japanese took it home from China after WWII due to food shortages
and came out with their own taste and variations (typical of the Japanese)
such as the more popular Hokkaido Miso, Fukuoka Hakata and Kyushu Tonkotsu
You would already know all these if you frequent Tampopo or Ippudo
as its on their menu or mural
Ajisen uses the Tonkotsu style Ramen

I've been here a million times
So I don't think I have to talk about the restaurant much
If you're interested, please read older posts...

Cookies were served.. NOT
Its made by Kellybestie haha..

Hot Japanese Green Tea

Served by my favourite wait staff - Senna

Doesn't beat Ippudo
But still the best ramen in Brisbane (in my opinion)
while Ginga (South Bank) continued to suck

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