Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bamboo Basket (South Bank)

We're here at Bamboo Basket
189 Grey Street

"Look! Its Spidey!"

The deco/ambience of this restaurant is fantastic
but the service doesn't justify
It doesn't look understaffed, but the floor manager looks panicky
and service is compromised

We played Musical Chairs for 10min before settling to one seat
Very disorganised tsk tsk tsk..

The menu is beautiful
but there're food stains, doggy ears and the bottom tattered and torn
Doesn't feel too pleasant to touch it

Very smart to include this in the menu
"Photos are for illustrative purposes only"

Ok, you get what I mean?
You don't feel very comfortable flipping the menu
especially if you have OCD like me
and there're no washing area nearby

They call it "Dim Sim" too!
Originally we call it Cantonese Dim Sum
Kinda like Spanish Tapas - small portion of snacks
Aussies call it Dim "Sims", I have no idea why and how
Maybe they don't wan their food to have any relation with Lydia Sum

The table setting however, is clean and neat

Wouldn't touch the beverage/wine menu for $5
Its sticky and stained!

The chinese characters reads 百宝笼
Reads "Bai Bao Long" meaning "a basket of hundred treasures"
Probaby just a Chinese brand, but Aussies do like these lil chinese characters
They're like novelty items

Ji Si Yun Tun La Mian
Noodles were good, soup average
Dumplings were so-so, chicken shreds were tasty
But it does reminds me of home

Cao Shou Gong La Mian with Vegetables
Kellybestie commented that the noodles were tasty
but the sweetcorn tasted awful

Food Quality: 7/10
Return Factor: Not Likely
Comments: Try their deep-fried ice-cream and pork belly

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