Monday, June 7, 2010

Coffee Club (Eagle Street Pier)

Coffee Club (Eagle Street Pier)
Inviting shop front with river view
Speckless restaurant/cafe glass panels with
wait-staff and chefs in clean white uniforms

The display case arrangement reflects
knowledge on Retail Showcase Management - impressive

Lovely ambience for couples and romantic moments

I'm a La Marzocco fan,
but 240V WEGA Espresso Machines are pretty good too.

There's In-Store WIFI Facility
but guess what? Its password protected! =_="
So I went to ask the staff for the free access
and 2 different staff gave me 2 different passwords
I triple-checked for spacing and case-sensitivity
but none of their password works
The staff gave me a "I don't know why either" look and shrugged
I find this reaction totally unacceptable for service

Cafe Latte
Shot was accurate, sharp and robust
but the milk is a bit flat

The Coffee Club Mud Cake
Supposedly their signature cake
however, I find it rather unsatisfactory
cos the bottom part taste like 发糕 aka "Huat Kueh"
You know? The orange ones we use as offerings.
Absolutely different from my idea of a Mud Cake
Others may like it.. I guess.

Attractive condiment tray for each individual table
which I felt was thoughtful and pleasing to the eye

Dessert Spoon and Fork

Puree ordered Hot Chocolate and
Yen ordered Hazelnut Mocha

Return Factor: Probably Not
I may prefer patronisng the Coffee Club outlet
opposite the City Library instead

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