Sunday, June 20, 2010

Koh-Ya (Fortitude Valley)

Dinner was at Koh-Ya
Japanese-Korean Restaurant
4/624 Ann Street

For a typical Japanese restaurant,
we were greeted with a warm welcome

Menu is lovely
Comes with nice photos and good description
Clean too!

We're here today for the Hot Pot Buffet
$20/pax for more than 4
90min per table


Miso and Sukiyaki Soup Base
Kinda like the 鸳鸯 (Yuan Yang) Hot Pot style

Shabu-shabu time!

You may order extra toppings and ingredients too
at affordable prices! =)

Lets take a look at the A'la Carte menu
You may want to try their Ox Tongue dishes

And of cos, Premium Wagyu Beef
which are relatively cheap also

A lil about Wagyuu Beef
It means cows that are breed to produce more oleaginous unsaturated fat (marbling)
which makes beef so-awesome, wagyuu beef also has better flavor, tenderness and juiciness
Australian Wagyuu cattles are grained-fed for the last 300-500days of production
The first 5 wagyuu cows to be exported from Japan are Michifuku, Haruki II, Suzutani, Rikitani and Okutani (foreign talents?)
How to identify a wagyuu beef?
You can authenticate them by observing the meat colour, fat colour, amount of marbling, rib fat measurement and carcase maturity.

Lovely ambience
and robotic staff

A great place for gatherings

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