Monday, June 7, 2010

Little Singapore (City)

Dinner was at Little Singapore (City)
G14B, Albert Lane

This establishment is actually owned by Hong Kongers
However most of the food are of very close proximity
to the original dishes from Singapore and Malaysia.

Diners today - Jean & Yen

Andy & Ken Tan



aka Lim

Ryan the Scholar

Puree the Birthday Boy

Char Kuey Teow
Lacks consistency.
Dylan's was more oily and better presented than Jean's.
It has Chinese Sausages inside! =D

Seafood Crispy Noodles

Hainanese Yellow Noodles
I had this, its kinda Vietnamese-styled
Gravy is sweet and
has a lemon and raw onions as condiment
three big prawns and chicken strips
(that are from the Hainanese Chicken Rice dish)

Seafood Hor Fun

Beef Kuey Teow

Tom Yum Bee Hoon
This is definitely Thai

Curry Chicken with Rice
The curry is quite delicious and fragrant
Spiciness and thickness is just right!
Puree commented that the chicken is too tough.

I couldn't recall what this
According to Lim, its "Ayam Kapitan"
Looks kinda like un-flattened Ayam Penyet to me

Thank you for SHOPPING?

Similar to my previous visit..
Overall Food Quality here is 8/10
Service 7/10
Ambience 9/10
Clean toilets and nice music with television to "reduce" waiting time
Value for money 7.5/10
Return Factor - Definitely, for the familiar taste of Singapore

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