Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Sweetopia (South Bank)

Next stop was My Sweetopia (South Bank)
The cupcake shop at 8/180 Grey Street
The main reason while I rarely patronise anymore
was from an awful service experience with the female Asian staff previously
I swore to never enter the shop if I see her at the counter
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This time it was a pleasant experience
I ordered a Latte with a Lemon Meringue
(recommended by the friendly staff)
and she forgot my order after a 10min wait in the blistering cold
For service recovery, she gave me 2 extra cupcakes and a chocolate
with a sincere apology - I felt pampered
Good job!

You see, it doesn't incur you any opportunity cost
for a big service recovery near closing hours
and doing customers lil favours going the extra mile
They return, bring more friends and spread good word-of-mouth
which is a very powerful form of viral marketing
Many businesses today fail to see that - its a shame.

By the way, I'm still pissed with the Asian staff.

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