Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Three Monkeys (West End)

Nice VESPA Jacket
Yes, we're here at The Three Monkeys..

Chocolate Diane Cake
Very tasty =)

An awesome place to chill-out - anytime!

After our Radio Show, we went to The Three Monkeys again
to meet up with the Griffith University Gold Coast people

Jun Sheng, Ian and Matthew Lao-Ban

Discussed some issues on Radio Show Collaboration

They queue never seem to cease
so its not amazing how they can afford to overstaff
Some say the cafe is blessed by all Buddha, African Totems
I say its Feng Shui - cos shopfronts near a cross junction
is bound to be affected by the flowing "qi"
They key is to make it look like its not part of the cross-junction

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