Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Greek Taverna (West End)

Dinner was at Little Greek Taverna
5/1 Brown Street
West End

Joining me today for dinner are
Ian, Melvin, Linda..

..Matthew and JT

Fresh bread with Olive Oil for starters

Chargrilled Barramundi
The fish is simply beautiful, comes with salad and feta cheese
Delicious, tasty and very fulfilling! Must-try!

Chargrilled Salmon
Delicious salmon grilled to prefection.
See previous post

Lamb Souvla
Lamb prepared on a horizontal spit over charcoal
The lamb here taste pretty much the same
but I would choose the shanks over this anytime
cos of the tasty bone marrow =D
and of course, I love to see my meat with the bones

Lamb Souvlaki
Chargrilled lamb skewer
Rich flavored spiced chewy lamb
Taste like a more meaty version of our "satay"

Payment with the sexy staff

Return Factor: Definitely

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