Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nom Nom July 2010

Deep-fried Pork Cutlet Rice
under $10
from Shin Yuan Restaurant
14 Mains Road, Market Square, Sunnybank
Taste pretty alright
Service is good with free flow chinese tea

Maccas Breakfast before the Noosa Fishing Trip
Mighty McMuffin
two slices of don rasher bacon, egg, spicy sausage and cheese
on toasted english muffin = Yum!
and of course, I ordered the Apple Slices
Unlike in Singapore, it doesn't come with Caramel Dip
Anyhows you can purchase Heinz Honey Drizzle if you want

Carol was curious about how they kept the apples
from oxidizing since they look fresh and nothing close to being brown
But wait.. There is a surprise inside!

I won a Shrek Ears
Its a 1 out of 4 chance to win these with Apple Slices
Yay.. I'm gonna melt my heart everyday
Oh well.. Keep rollin'

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