Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Satay Club Noodle House

Lunch was at Satay Club Noodle House
55 Charlotte Street

The dining area is pretty small
but they put wall mirrors so the place looks more spacious
Doesn't stop people from bumping into one another though

Seriously, remove a table and some chairs
You can't make all the money in the world

The menu is printed on gloss laminated photo paper

Joining me for lunch today - JT & Helen

Katasan Rice with Assam Soup
I googled it, but still have no idea what "katasan" mean

Seafood Laksa
$10.80 (I think..)
Pretty good. It has 4 prawns, fish cakes
You can choose between yellow noodles, thin vermicelli or mixed
You may also choose the spiciness
I asked the friendly Indonesian waitress
"Do you think the HOT level is spicy?"
She said no, and I ordered.
Lets say its the same spiciness as McDonalds' Sweet Chilli Sauce

Can be spicier..

Return Factor: 7/10

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