Saturday, August 14, 2010

COSMOS CAFE (South Bank)

Dinner was at COSMOS CAFE
South Bank

Crumbled Fish and Chips
Its ten dollars if you add a drink
Pretty awesome for fastfood!
Good value for money!


  1. I am an Executive Chef in Brisbane and i NEVER complain if i am not happy with my meal i just dont go back. Today i had lunch at Cosmos and the Beef and Pork wrap was off i mean rotten. This time i did take my wrap back and show them there was no way i was going to eat it. Please be careful everyone. Someone from the Eat Safe Brisbane should get down there A.S.A.P

  2. The most disgusting fishermans basket I have ever purchased and attempted to consume. The fish smelt off, the calarmari rings were mushy and probably off too. The seafood bites were tasteless. The seafood stick, well, my husband slapped it on the granite table at least 12 times like a rubber thong and it didn't break! It was probably sitting in the hotbox all day. Folks, give this place a REAL big miss.

  3. I have a fishermans basket there from scoopon deal, and felt like I'd been ripped off. The fish was stale, soggy and not tasty at all. never again even if it was free...