Sunday, August 22, 2010

Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant (Fortitude Valley)

Breakfast was at Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant
Chinatown Mall
Fortitude Valley
Look they actually call their Siew Mai - Steamed Dim Sims
Like how Aussies have been calling it

We were the first customers to arrive...

Siew Mai - Tasty and very Q-delicious
Chicken Claws - Tasty and fleshy claws
Pai Kuat - Not tender, not enough black bean; fail
(From top left clockwise)

Har Gao - Delicious; Thin foreskins skins with fresh Q prawns

Har Chiong - Left on the pass for too long
It was not piping hot when it arrived
Wraps were a bit thick, but prawns were tasty
Portion size very good

I've no idea why there is a chair in the restroom
May be for "Invisible Guardian Spirits"
or for the staff to sit down when they tie their shoe-laces
I dunno!

Return Factor: 8/10
Pretty good food and value-for-money, but you gotta know what to and not to order.
Pretty impatient and anal female China (not Hongkee) staff. Service can be improved.

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