Thursday, September 16, 2010


Shop 9, 17 Barrett Street

Its kinda like a Maid's Cafe
with comfy sofa cushion seats
minus the MOE MOE KYUN!

Some menu items are pretty interesting
for example...
Pork Belly with Young Ginger and Grapefruit
Swiss Meat Balls with Wedges and Salad (IKEA?)
Maryland Chicken Spaghetti with Garlic/Chilli
Spaghetti with Pipi in Cream Sauce

Maryland Chicken means instead of deep-frying, the chicken is is pan-fried and covered after the initial browning meaning the chicken is steamed + fried, then cream is added.
Pipi refers to Plebidonax deltoides or Goolwa Cockles

I also noticed the person who designed the menu
did not know how to spell "Meat", "Chilli", "Wagyu"
and the grammar is beyond hope

Taranto Marina Spaghetti (Basil and Tomato Flavouring)
I don't like the tomato base
It taste too strongly of canned tomato paste
hence being too sweet and thick
Prawns and Clams are not fresh
In fact tasted a bit expired - Fuck me!
But really cheap plus you may add $2 for a soup and green tea.
The green tea is superb!

Restaurant has Tabasco upon request.
Service and Ambience is pretty good.

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