Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jojo's Restaurant (City)

Jo-Jo's Restaurant
1st floor cnr queen street mall & albert street
Brisbane City

We're here today to celebrate Sato's birthday!

The early birds..
Sato, Yining, New Faith, Libby and KING MING

Busy man, Sui-guan

Fucking late.. Samsuddin

The food arrived shortly..

Served with a cream sauce
Sato gave a thumbs down.

Pad Thai with Chicken
Libby said it was pretty ok.

Sirloin Steak (200g)
With Chips, Salad costs $9 extra.
Choice of mushroom, pepper or chilli sauce.
I think its pretty good for $18. Pretty decent.

Tempura Battered Fish
With Chips, Salad costs $5 extra
Sui-guan did not like it.
I thought it tasted pretty awesome.

Green Curry with Chicken
Sammy says "NOT SPICY ENOUGH!"

Ask for the balcony seats
It has nice view of people in the busy Brisbane City streets

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