Monday, September 27, 2010

NOODLE BOX (Surfers Paradise)

1 Elkhorn Ave
Surfers Paradise

Lets look at the menu, there's some interesting items
1. Pad Thai Chicken Box - Looks like what Sheldon (Big Bang Theory would eat)
2. Mee Gee Seafood Box - Maggie Goreng (Indian Muslim)
3. Nasi Box - Nasi Goreng with Roast Pork!
4. Gung Ho Soy Box - How "Gung Ho"?
5. Sing-A Box - I don't see how Singapore this dish is..
6. Luck-Sa Soup Box - Interesting! Laksa

They have very attractive names that
I feel would appeal to Aussies - Well Done!

I ordered COMBO BOX
$9.95 (small) $13.95 (regular)
Thin egg noodles (港面), roast pork, lean beef, chicken, prawn, shrimp and Asian vegetables wok tossed in oyster sauce.
Its pretty tasty but the gravy taste too "jelat" and unhealthy for me.
I ordered a regular, seems a bit too much for skinny me.
But still, it was pretty good!

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