Friday, October 29, 2010

HOME TOWN 佳乡小馆 (Sunnybank)

Shop 90D
Sunnybank Plaza

I'm gonna combine 2 posts into one!

Eating with me today -
Samantha Heah and Calvin Toh

Stewed dice pork in soy sauce with rice 卤肉饭
Very good value for money
the sour-cabbage is very appetising
not enough stewed pork to fill the gaps between my teeth though

Special beef noodles soup 红烧三宝牛肉面
Very tasty noodles

Winter Melon Milk Tea 冬瓜奶茶
This is delicious
however it feels like just drinking winter melon
can't really taste the milk tea
but its nice.. yea!

Eating with me today -
Libby Chong

Meat ball stock soup 贡丸汤
Kinda disappointing
The 4 miserable meat balls with vegetables
in salt+MSG soup

Noodles with minced pork and bean paste 炸酱面
Not as good as the one from Kwanyin Tea House (Valley)
but the noodles are really good
Very little minced pork
Good for a good value-for-money quick bite only

[Our Ratings]
Libby: 8/10
King Ming: 7.5/10
Return Factor: 8/10

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