Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Melbourne Hotel (West End)

Melbourne Hotel
10 Browning Street
West End

I'm here today with Libby Chong
I know, my hair is like poop
and my face is like @#%R$#^#
I know..

We're here today to try their
$14 Lunch Special
Monday - Sunday until 4pm

Iced water was served
with a wedge of lemon =)

Fresh Apple Juice
Lemon Lime Bitter

250g rump steak served with chips and garden salad plus your choice of sauce (port wine jus, diane, pepper, mushroom)
Doesn't feel like 250g at all, I believe it was 170g
and I'm pretty damn good at visual-weight
However the steak was tasty
the diane-styled gravy was pretty alright
(not to be mistaken by Steak Diane)
Salad was fresh and not soaked, cucumber was a bit too ice-cold
Chips perfectly salted

Beer Battered Barramundi
served with chips and garden salad
The fish is REALLY good.
Maybe its because I love barramundi!
Delicious much

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