Sunday, October 24, 2010


9 Gladstone Road
Highgate Hill

(clockwise from top left)
Maguro Nigiri Sushi
Tobikko Nigiri Sushi
Hotate Nigiri Sushi
Salmon Nigiri Sushi
Hamachi Nigiri Sushi

Salmon Nigiri Sushi
Yen described these as - heavenly!

Vegetable Tempura
Vegetables in light crispy tempura batter

Tempura Soba
Hot buckwheat noodle soup with tempura

Tenzara Soba
Cold buckwheat noodle with tempura

Ebi Fry
Deep-fried crumbled prawns
Prawns are as big as cucumbers! Not overly oily, very fresh.
Very attractive, downside is that it doesn't come with rice and miso soup.

It was on the house
cos I'm handsome! =D

Macha Ice-cream
Extremely tasty - which is rare. Cos in Brisbane city, 99% of the Japanese restaurants here order their ice-cream from this one particular supplier and the quality is really sub-standard. I suspect they make these macha ice-cream themselves.

[Our Ratings]
Eldreth: 10/10
Yen: 8/10
Yining: 8/10
Libby: 7.5/10
KING MING: 8.5/10

This restaurant is similiar to Laguna's Fuurin Japanese Restaurant. The ingredients are really fresh and the dishes are VERY authentic. Food Quality + Presentation are no bullshit! However its a bit pricey. Everything here costs as much as Sono. Sono has kimono girls, Sakura has good food. You take the pick!

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