Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eastern Sea Chinese Restaurant 东海酒家 (West End)

Went to Tabao dinner from
54 Mollison Street
West End

Special Fried Rice (large)
I took a gamble and lost.
With $6.50, Happy Days across the road gives me 2 extra dishes apart from the Fried Rice which is about the same standard. Also, there is only two pieces of 2.5cm chicken meat and two pieces of char siew which doesn't taste very fresh! Frozen peas was used. Approximately 1 small egg used.
Not impressed - seriously!

Cut Chilli with Soy Sauce
Give me back my money!

As of today (8 Nov 2010), the best Fried Rice is still from City Inn Mall
1. where the rice is easily 3 times more in quantity for the same price
2. you can customise it any way you want (spicy/bloody damn spicy)
3. 4 types of chilli condiments to choose from; plus its FREE!

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