Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dragon Lake (Upper Mt. Gravatt)

1898 Logan Road
Upper Mt. Gravatt

They have Yum Cha daily 11am-2.30pm
We came in at 2pm
and got mocked by the arrogant fat Malaysian boss
I'm not very happy about it
Let's see if their food is good enough to justify his arrogance!

The waitress left us with the A'la Carte menu
I had to ask for her to bring us the Yum Cha menu =_="
To make things worse,
they realise that the order chit was so badly designed
that we had to write the order number BEHIND the order chit

Chinese Tea

I'm here today with Paing Soe

My identity today is Ip Man
佛山 永春 叶文

The chilli sauce sucks!
Its extremely salty and taste weird

Chicken Satay/Skewers
Its deep-fried chicken on skewers
with peanut sauce
Pretty good and looks cool on a boat-shaped plate

Deep-fried Squid
The lady boss recommended this dish
Its 盐酥 style, squid is fresh, chewy
So far so good..

Pork Dumplings
Skin is alright, however the fillings are disappointing
Bits of 韭菜, celery with minimal minced pork
You can hardly taste the pork - seriously!
Please call it Vegetables Dumplings instead

Siew Mai
This dish is pretty good
Meat paste has taste of chinese mushrooms

Lotus Leaf Rice
No complains about this
Sufficient ingredients
Rice is fragrant

has chinese mushrooms and chinese sausage

Phoenix Claw
Basically Chicken Feet
Its alright

Shrimp Dumpling
Overcooked and not prepared properly
The shrimp is not chewy already
Just feels like mash inside dumpling skin

Total Damage: $37.20
Food Quality: 7/10
Value for Money: 7/10
Service: 0/10
Return Factor: 0/10

Seriously I have no idea
how the boss can be arrogant
when his food/service shouts mediocrity
Such a shame!

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