Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Level 3/171
209 Queen Street Mall
Brisbane CBD

I'm here today with..



Wagamama Ramen
Ramen noodles in vegetables soup topped with seasonal greens, wakame, sliced chicken, grilled local white fish, prawns, fried tofu, marinated and grilled mushroom and kamaboko-aka, garnished with menma and spring onions
First, the soup is just plain salt water, ingredients are minimal and small in portion
I could cook a tastier instant noodles anytime, seriously

Yaki Udon
Teppan-fried udon noodles with curry oil, shiitake mushrooms, egg, leaks, prawns, chicken, grilled chikuwa, beansprouts and green and red capsicum. garnished with fried shallots, pickled ginger, mixed with sesame seeds and spicy ground fish powder
To summarise things up, the chef have no idea how
yaki udon is supposed to taste like


Food Quality: 3/10
Value for Money: 0/10
Ambience: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Return Factor: 0/10
Other Remarks: The food itself has absolute relativity to the restaurant name WAGAMAMA (わがまま translates to "cannot be trusted"). The food has absolutely no standard fit for operations. It is both a disappointment and complete insult to Asian or Fusion Cuisine.

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