Thursday, February 10, 2011

KWAN-YIN TEA HOUSE (Fortitude Valley)

Kwan-Yin Tea House
198 Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley
I believe readers are already very familiar with this restaurant
as it always appears on my blogs..

Coconut Milk Tea 椰香奶茶

Combination Japanese Set 一锅一烧
The chinese words 一锅一烧 means "One Boiled One Grilled"
Its like a combination of two cooking methods into one dish
Also I believe its their signature dish

Okonomiyaki お好み焼き
Japanese grilled savoury pancake
Consist of flour, grated yam, dashi, egg, shredded cabbage

Herbal Vegetables Soup
Comes with tofu, seaweed, cabbage, leek, celery, mushrooms

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