Thursday, February 17, 2011


Albert Lane
Brisbane City

This is a chick-place
Girls love to visit
cos the pasta cooks love to flirt with customers
and of course the ambience is simply lovely
I reckon its an awesome place to bring your dates

Its like the MARCHE card system in Singapore
If you lose the card, you pay $75

You order and tap your card
and pay at the end of your meal

For the first time, we were served by
a friendly lady cook
Oh yes, you can also request for garlic/chilli
and customise your taste

I had this on my first visit, its superb
Libby enjoyed it very much too!

Great if you're a mushroom fan like myself

Al Dente!

You can also pick up some Rosemary or Basil
to add some fresh herbs into your pasta!
How awesome is that?

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