Sunday, March 6, 2011

SITAR (West End)

195 Melbourne Street
West End

We're here today for dinner
and I must say that this is the FIRST and ONLY Indian restaurant
that has good customer service throughout my stay in Brisbane
I was very amazed and impressed!
Ambience is good, except for the overwhelming air-conditioner
They played traditional Indian instrumental music

Three pieces of Pappadum (crisp lentil wafers) was served
You may purchase additional ones for $2.00 (4 pc)

We ordered
Chicken Biryani Rice
Stir-fried rice dish with spiced chicken
Lamb Biryani Rice
Stir-fried cubed lamb with pilau rice
Yogurt and cucumber accompaniments

Absolutely delicious, the lamb was tender and the rice was fragrant
Also you may choose between Mild/Medium/Hot
I choose Hot and it was satisfying
However, the portion size was.. Stingy!

Return Factor: 9/10

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