Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tursops Buffet Restaurant

Lunch Time at Tursops Buffet Restaurant
Tangalooma Island Resort
Moreton Island, Brisbane

Tishta (Mauritius) and Vivian (China)

Awesome spread of food!

Eden (Taiwan) and Kyoko

Our ambassador lunch has always been educational
We learn useful phrases like "I want to poop" in various languages

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pancake Manor (CBD)

Pancake Manor
18 Charlotte Street
Brisbane CBD

Hot 'n Troppo
Two buttermilk pancakes with roasted walnuts, grilled bananas, cream, choc ice cream and choc sauce

Little Singapore (CBD)

Little Singapore
42 Charlotte Street
Brisbane CBD

Buttered Herbed Chicken with Rice

Seafood Combination Fried Hor Fun with Egg Sauce

Madtongsan I (CBD)

Madtongsan I
Shop 28 Elizabeth Arcade
Brisbane CBD

Bibimbap (비빔밥 "mixed meal") is a signature Korean dish

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Little Singapore (CBD)

Lunch was at Little Singapore
42 Charlotte Street
Brisbane CBD
I like the Curry Chicken with Rice here

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Cube Hot Pot 千里香火鍋

Dinner was at The Cube Hot Pot 千里香火鍋
Shop 90 Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre

Hot Pot (火鍋) aka Steamboat
is a popular dish during winter
deli-thin sliced meats, vegetables, mushrooms, wantons, seafood are placed into a simmering stock (in the middle of the table); usually eaten with dipping sauce
Soup stock can come in many variations
Here we have Herbal (left) and Numb Spicy 麻辣 (right)

Fun Fact: It is said that more than 1,000 years ago
Mongolian soldiers cook hot pots in their helmets

Om nom nom
This is not the best Steamboat I've eaten
but what is winter without hot pot?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Satay Club Noodle House (CBD)

Dinner at Satay Club Noodle House
66 Charlotte Street
Brisbane CBD

I've been here a couple of times
Their rice dishes are pretty good and affordable
However, their Laksa dishes are not really to my liking

Saturday, June 4, 2011

HOSOKAWA Restaurant (Hamilton)

Dinner was at
HOSOKAWA Restaurant

53 Racecourse Road

The restaurant has very limited seats and is always crowded
Reservation is advised

I reckon this is the BEST and MOST AUTHENTIC
Japanese Restaurant in Brisbane
Do bring a Japanese friend to verify!
Its scary to eat here if you are a food enthusiast
cos it feels like you are eating in Japan (no joke)

House Sake

We have the honor of having Tim哥
to serve us Sake over dinner

Sashimi Platter
The seafood are extremely fresh
Also there are no signs of "veins" meaning
they only use the good flesh parts of the fishes
Also, sashimi is of accurate and consistent thickness
with clean cuts; presentation is disciplined
Very impressive

Yasai Nimono
Well-prepared dish
I was very touched cos I haven't had lotus roots
for more than 2 years

Beef Tataki
Extremely tasty prime beef slices

Sushi Platter
Nigiri technique is unmatched
The outside is firm but inside is soft and airy
This cannot be done by chef with less than 3 years experience
Sushi are a'la minute, not the sloppy type you find in conveyor belt bars

Tempura Moriawase
Clean batter, no complains

Tamago Sushi and Unagi Temaki
$6 and $8
Very well prepared
and the unagi is well grilled

Special thanks to Yasuko for her recommendation

Nudo's on Mary (CBD)

I'm here today with Libby Chong at
Nudo's on Mary
62 Mary Street
Brisbane CBD

Hainanese Chicken Rice
I like the chicken rice here because
the chicken is of the correct taste, is tender
and the chilli is tasty

Vietnamese Pork Cutlet
This is very tasty too!

Show student card for discounts!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


10/220 Melbourne Street
West End
They have another outlet in Ashgrove Shopping Centre

These plushie displays are for sale

Salmon Don
I find it weird whenever restaurants
don't serve salmon with the skins on
However its perfectly cooked

Bento Set
additional $5
gives you a garden salad, 4 sushi rolls

.. and a miso soup

THAI AROY (West End)

9/220 Melbourne Street
South Brisbane

They do not have Larb
(my favourite Thai-Laos dish)

Chicken Pad Ped on Rice
taste of mediocrity

Jackfruit with Sticky Rice
Very tasty!

Grilled Pork with Sticky Rice
$6.50 (Grand Opening Special)
+$5 for Spring Roll and Canned Drink
This one is really good

also do try the Cashew Nut Chicken
Its absolutely fantastic!