Thursday, June 2, 2011

Winter Bites

Fish & Chips from Ethernet Cafe
Griffith Uni (Nathan)

Hmmm.. I dun remember what this is
Looks like Salmon and Chips to me..

Combination Pork Chop with Rice
from Viet Hoa (West End)
Yes, they have re-opened after the flood

Braised Duck Egg Noodles
from Trang (West End)
I find it really tasty! =d

Judging by the size of the zucchini
Its some dish from Jackpot Noodles (West End)

$9.90 Lunch Special
Cashew Nut Chicken with Rice
from Sawadee Ka (West End)

Beef Tendon Soup from Viet Hoa (West End)

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