Monday, September 26, 2011


from Queen Street (Brisbane CBD)
surviving well under strong competition
still gets my support every now and then

For a change, let's look at WEST END
700m away across Victoria Bridge
I've selected 3 main sushi bars
All prices are more or less around the average $2.50 mark
Due to differences in the variety offered
I can't compare apples to apples, oranges to oranges
However, you can trust me when I tell you its friggin' good sushi!

Fresh Salmon
Spicy Tuna
Tempura Prawn
Long queues during weekday lunch hours
Fresh lettuce gives the perception of freshness
Great variety to choose from
Taste is not fantastic/awesome, but its not awful
However, fresh tuna DO NOT go with cucumber!
Some restaurants can be too carelessly creative

California Roll
Egg Salad with Avocado
The rice does not have enough vinegar
Seaweed is soggy
California Roll is a sushi that CANNOT go wrong
and they screwed it
Variety is pathetic
However egg mayo salad is perfect

Teriyaki Chicken
Salmon & Cucumber
As you can see from the photo, there is lesser rice and ingredients
It is definitely a smaller/lighter sushi (same price however)
No complaint about the taste
but this is hell-of-a-troublesome sushi to eat...

1. Unroll the packaging. Place takaokaya "nori" or roasted seaweed seam-side down on flat surface. Peel away the seal to the right as shown.
2. Remove wrapper from rice. Place rice onto the exposed seaweed.

3. Peel away the remaining seal and starting from the right, roll the rice up in the seaweed.

However, the seaweed is absolutely fantastic!
Here are the final results...

TSURU scoring 58 points winning the competition
Their sushi gives the most satisfaction in comparison with the other two
However if I had $2.50 to spend on sushi,
my top choice is still LR (Light Roll) Sushi from Brisbane CBD Adelaide Street

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sick and tired of eating at Korean sushi outlets?
Want something more authentically Japanese?

My friend, Yamaguchi Miki opened a NEW sushi shop
Shop 4/126 Adelaide Street
Brisbane CBD
(across the road from GSTAR RAW)

My top pick is
Soft Shell Crab
Spicy Sesame Tuna

They also have other dishes such as
Salmon Oyako Don $7.90
Negito Don $7.90
Eel Don $8.50

The best part is
1. They are Halal certified
2. You can choose between Brown Rice or Sushi Rice
3. Show your student card for 10% discount


Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey you,

(photography: Gorm Teper)

You may have just chanced upon my blog from a Google search
seen me on newspaper or have been following my blog for ages
Thanks for visiting, I shall now re-introduce myself

My name is Ming, Leong Ming En in full
born on 30 November (Sagittarius) in Singapore
Went to Maha Bodhi School, Chung Cheng High School (main),
Catholic Junior College, Temasek Polytechnic and Griffith University
Bachelor in Business : International Tourism and Hotel Management
undertaking Masters in Human Resource Management

More than often I use the words "kaopeh" and "diu"
People know me for photography, blogging and
being Brisbane International Student Ambassador (Singapore)
and President, Griffith University Nathan Singapore Students Association

My typical beverage is Latte
Often mistaken for a Korean or Hong Kong-er
On extremely rare occasions, you can spot me without a lighted cigarette
(I quit!)
Wishes all 2,465 Facebook friends a "happy birthday" 365 days a year

This is 0604433C, my name is Ming


p/s: I've done my part as Man, I shall leave the rest to God..


Shop 2, 59 Hardgrave Rd
West End

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christine's Vegemite Sandwiches

Good morning Brisbane!
Today, Christine is making me
Vegemite Sandwiches

What is Vegemite?
Vegemite is a dark brown Australian food paste made from yeast extract. It is a spread for sandwiches, toast, crumpets and cracker biscuits, and filling for pastries.
It is similar to British, New Zealand, and South African Marmite, Australian Promite, and to Swiss Cenovis.

How to make Christine's Vegemite Sandwich?
1. Toast bread
2. Spread Butter + Vegemite
3. Top up with Mozzarella Cheese
4. Put it in the oven to melt the cheese


Best enjoyed when sitting in an Australian backyard with coffee
on a green bench (optional)

GOLDEN BBQ (Fortitude Valley)

Christine and I are here at
157 Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley

Roast Duck Noodles

Wanton with BBQ Pork Noodles

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Landmark Restaurant (Sunnybank)

I'm here today at Landmark Restaurant
Shop 101, Sunnybank Plaza
Mains Rd

to attend Australia-Malaysia Business Council Queensland (AMBCQ)
Australia-Malaysia Ball
26 August 2011

Grace Tan (President, Singapore Business Council)

Anthony Lin (Secretary General, Federation of Taiwanese Assoc in Queensland)

The menu today looks absolutely fantastic!
I'm definitely in for a treat..

Keith Low from QUT

Emily and Ken Zhai from Griffith University

Calvyn Tan, Dwight Tay and Flora Lei from QUT and UQ

Cr. Julian Simmonds (Walter Taylor)

Clem Grehan (Candidate South Brisbane)

Silent Auction

Cr. Angela Owen-Taylor (Parkinson)

Cr. Graham Quirk (Lord Mayor Brisbane)

Wai Kiong, Chan (President, AMBCQ)

John Mickel (MLA)

Cr. Steven Huang (MacGregor Ward)

Freya Ostapovitch (Candidate Stretton)

All in all, it was a fantastic dinner!