Sunday, September 4, 2011

Landmark Restaurant (Sunnybank)

I'm here today at Landmark Restaurant
Shop 101, Sunnybank Plaza
Mains Rd

to attend Australia-Malaysia Business Council Queensland (AMBCQ)
Australia-Malaysia Ball
26 August 2011

Grace Tan (President, Singapore Business Council)

Anthony Lin (Secretary General, Federation of Taiwanese Assoc in Queensland)

The menu today looks absolutely fantastic!
I'm definitely in for a treat..

Keith Low from QUT

Emily and Ken Zhai from Griffith University

Calvyn Tan, Dwight Tay and Flora Lei from QUT and UQ

Cr. Julian Simmonds (Walter Taylor)

Clem Grehan (Candidate South Brisbane)

Silent Auction

Cr. Angela Owen-Taylor (Parkinson)

Cr. Graham Quirk (Lord Mayor Brisbane)

Wai Kiong, Chan (President, AMBCQ)

John Mickel (MLA)

Cr. Steven Huang (MacGregor Ward)

Freya Ostapovitch (Candidate Stretton)

All in all, it was a fantastic dinner!

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