Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yee Foong Barbecue Restaurant (Fortitude Valley)

Yee Foong Barbecue Restaurant
196 Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley

I'm here today to try out their
Claypot Chicken and Mushroom Rice
The claypot rice aka 煲仔饭 is usually a dinner dish in the southern regions of China, Singapore and Malaysia. It is typically served with Chinese sausage and vegetables. More often than not, the rice is cooked in the claypot first and cooked ingredients like diced chicken and Chinese sausage are added in later. Traditionally, the cooking is done over a charcoal stove, giving the dish a distinctive flavour. Some places serve it with dark soya sauce and also dried salted fish. Salted fish enhances the taste of the claypot chicken rice, depending on the diner's preference.

The dish includes a tasty iced lemon drink and these oranges!
Super value for money!
Shop owner is a friendly Vietnamese-Chinese old lady.
Return Factor: 100%

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